StartUp StorySlam comes to Washington DC! — Startup StorySlam

StartUp StorySlam is coming to Washington DC!  Join us on Wednesday, May 18th at MakeOffices Dupont, one of Washington D.C.’s premier co-working locations, to hear stories on the theme of “Why?” In this context, we are asking why do entrepreneurs do what they do, taking on all the risks?  We get started at 6:30pm. 

What is StartUp StorySlam?

StartUp StorySlam is a friendly competition where entrepreneurs share five-minute stories of their business successes and failures, their entrepreneurial learnings and mistakes.  We will hear 8-10 stories based on the night’s theme, “Why?”  Stories are videotaped and placed on the StartUp StorySlam YouTube channel for the world to watch.

 What stories fit the theme of “Why?”

We want to hear stories about why entrepreneurs “take the leap,” typically from a corporate world, and what pushes people to go out on their own.  Some entrepreneurs have a burning need to work for themselves while others stumble upon a problem that needs solving, taking that task on themselves.  We want to listen to stories that involve both success and failure, as sometimes more can be learned in failure.  Perhaps your story is working in education, where you developed a unique strategy/tactic to help people learn and want to educate future generations. Your story could also be about an iPhone app that you talked about for months with friends and finally took the initiative to build out.  Why do entrepreneurs do the things they do and take those risks versus keeping a stable, corporate job?  There are tons of ways to answer the “Why?” question for entrepreneurs and we want to hear your story!

Would you like to tell a story?

Simply sign up when you arrive. Here are the rules.  Stories should fit into the theme of the night.  Stories should be true as you remember it.  Stories should be under five minutes in length.  No notes, no props, and no music.  Storytellers will be judged on a scale of 1-10 on two different criteria: content and presentation. Highest score wins, though our events are more focused on sharing stories and networking than on competition.

Reserve your spot now.  Tickets are $15.  Come out to MakeOffices Dupont Circle (1200 18th Street NW Suite #700, Washington, DC 20036) on Wednesday, May 18th at 6:30pm and share your story – or just listen to others!  MakeOffices coworking spaces feature large kitchens and lounges.  They offer the chance to network with entrepreneurs, developers, investors, and companies that can help you grow your business.

Andy Meehan, Co-founder of StartUp StorySlam, will be the emcee for the evening.  Andy is a seasoned entrepreneur, owner of Development Solutions Global, the company behind the Christian Inspirations & Papier de Maison greeting card and stationery brands.  Andy is a small business enthusiast who loves helping people connect, learn and grow.

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