Start a City — Startup StorySlam

A storytelling competition where entrepreneurs and businesspeople tell their five-minute true business stories in front of a live audience. StartUp StorySlams are coordinated in various cities and towns with virtual guidance from the StartUp StorySlam Crew. The theme of each nightly StorySlam is unique but they all share common features.

What StartUp StorySlam is not:

StartUp StorySlam is not a way to pitch your product or organization, and not a platform for soliciting funding. The event is not a forum for paid professional speakers but is a venue for anyone to tell their story.

What does it take to organize a StartUp StorySlam?

The ideal local StartUp StorySlam organizer is someone who enjoys storytelling, bringing people together and creating extended networks. The organizer should be able to negotiate for use of a local venue and ideally have live event production experience. In addition, the organizer will coordinate a team of volunteers to help produce the live events and have basic budgeting experience.

If you would like to learn more, email [email protected] for more information.