Our January 7th Story Slam Is Decisive

Andy Started his own gaming company and says he got inspired by Ivan Sutherland, the person who invented Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality has had a massive impact in the gaming industry and has been used in games such as Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go went viral in 2016 and players had to walk to earn rewards. Players then started spoofing their location on IOS and Android to help them progress in the game.

We often act on hunches or a first look at the data and make quick, important decisions. These decisions often help us beat the competition, but sometimes they can lead us down the wrong path. We want to hear stories about being decisive at our January 7th StartUp StorySlam. When has being decisive worked for you and when has it failed? What did you learn from your decisive mistake. Do you trust your gut? Have you learned a new test – a new gut check? Do you have a mentor you now run your important decisions by?

If you have a story to tell, sign up upon arrival. Stories should be five minutes long and true as you remember it. No notes, no props, and no music. Just you and a mic. We usually hear about ten stories on the night and we love listeners who cheer the storytellers on.

Make the decision to come StartUp StorySlam, which is being held at Benjamin’s Desk.