Our January 7 StorySlam is “Decisive!”


Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to be more decisive? Maybe your resolution is to be less decisive!

We often act on hunches or a first look at the data and make quick, important decisions. These decisions often help us beat the competition, but sometimes they can lead us down the wrong path. We want to hear stories about being decisive at our January 7th StartUp StorySlam. When has being decisive worked download pocket option app for windows has it failed? What did you learn from your decisive mistake. Do you trust your gut? Have you learned a new test – a new gut check? Do you have a mentor you now run your important decisions by?

If you have a story to tell, sign up upon arrival. Stories should be five minutes long and true as you remember it. No notes, no props, and no music. Just you and a mic. We usually hear about ten stories on the night and we love listeners who cheer the storytellers on.

Make the decision to come to our first StartUp StorySlam of 2016, which is being held at Benjamin’s Desk on Thursday, January 7th. Order your tickets HERE.


Marc Kramer Wins “Traction” Slam!

startup2Marc Kramer was crowned the winner at the second StartUp StorySlam, after managing to tell two stories in the short 5-minute window. Marc captured the audience by telling a hilarious story about flying to Colombia for work and having a runner-up in the Miss World competition as his “sponsored guide.” Since the night was themed “traction,” Marc also told of how he focused on getting 2100 people to sign up for his event…overnight! Congratulations on all the continued success and traction, Marc!

StartUp StorySlam, a group of local entrepreneurs interested in storytelling, hosted its second event at Benjamin’s Desk. The event gathered around 30-40 people and for the second time in a row, featured a variety of speakers in age and experience. The speakers for this event included Matt Stachel, Glenna Crooks, Dr. Ron King, Eric Griffin, and Marc Kramer. The theme for the evening was “Traction” and people told stories about both positive and negative traction. There was even a story about “kick in the teeth” traction!

As part of the prize package, Anthony Maher, CEO at Benjamin’s Desk and host for the evening, provided a free membership plan to Marc. If you missed the live event, you can find the videos on StartUp StorySlam’s YouTube page, roughly 48 hours after the event. The next event will be held on Thursday, January 7th at Benjamin’s Desk and the theme is “Decisive!”Tickets for January 7th can be ordered HERE.

Our December 3 Story Slam is “Traction!”

startupslamroundtwo-7_2StartUp Story Slam returns to Benjamin’s Desk on Thursday, December 3rd. The theme for December is “Traction!”

“Traction?” We’re looking for stories about where your StartUp looked like it might go under, but then you finally found solid footing. Maybe a simple tweak of your business model set your StartUp on the fast track. Maybe your original idea had to be turned upside down in order to get the proper funding. Our original concepts often morph through early stages. Tell us what helped you get “traction!”

If you would like to tell a five-minute story, sign up once you arrive. https://pocketoption.com.ph/download and start the storytelling at 7pm. Tickets can be ordered HERE.


Austin Haines wins our debut StorySlam!

startupslamroundone-7Austin Haines told about his startup Free Will Dream and won the first ever StartUp StorySlam at Benjamin’s Desk in Philadelphia on October 29th, 2015.

We heard several fun stories from entrepreneurs, stories about the trials and tribulations of starting their career or the spark that inspired them to take the plunge.

Our next StartUp StorySlam is scheduled for Thursday, December 3rd at 6:30 PM at Benjamin’s Desk in Philadelphia. The theme for December is “Traction.” Tickets can be ordered HERE.

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Video of Austin’s story can be seen below. To view other stories, check out the StartUp StorySlam Youtube Channel.


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Photos by Jay Breslin.

StorySlam Graphic 2

StartUp StorySlam debuts October 29th!

IMG_5914StartUp StorySlam debuts at Benjamin’s Desk, Philadelphia’s premier co-working space, in October 29th at 6:30 pm! Reserve your seats here.

Come out to hear stories about Start Up successes and failures. Our first StorySlam is themed “Start With Why!” We want to hear what inspired you to take the entrepreneurial path. What sparked you to try building a Start Up organization? Tell us about the moment where it clicked for you, or about the moment where you measured the risk and the reward and decided to take the plunge. We want to hear what worked and what hasn’t, what you’ve learned the hard way and how your start up has morphed. We do NOT want to hear your investor pitch! We want you to wear your heart on your sleeve and share the inner turmoil, the most painful crisis, the most hilarious quandary, and the angriest moment you’ve endured.

If you want to tell your five minute story, email us at startupstoryslam@gmail.com to throw your name in the hat. If we have openings on the night of the StorySlam, we may take some entrepreneurs from the audience also. Storytellers will be asked to sign a release so we can upload videos on our YouTube channel. http://pocketoption.com.ph/download our podcast.

To whet your appetite, here are a few of our favorite business stories told at different story slams.

Eli tells a classic story about how business projects don’t always turn out as expected.

Some stories may focus on skills that entrepreneurs need to be successful. Richard tells a story about his fear of public speaking and how a compassionate voice saved him.

Tim tells a story about the importance of clear communication in the workplace.

Nancy tells about being disrespected in the workplace and how she earned the boss’s respect.