Marc Kramer Wins “Traction” Slam!

startup2Marc Kramer was crowned the winner at the second StartUp StorySlam, after managing to tell two stories in the short 5-minute window. Marc captured the audience by telling a hilarious story about flying to Colombia for work and having a runner-up in the Miss World competition as his “sponsored guide.” Since the night was themed “traction,” Marc also told of how he focused on getting 2100 people to sign up for his event…overnight! Congratulations on all the continued success and traction, Marc!

StartUp StorySlam, a group of local entrepreneurs interested in storytelling, hosted its second event at Benjamin’s Desk. The event gathered around 30-40 people and for the second time in a row, featured a variety of speakers in age and experience. The speakers for this event included Matt Stachel, Glenna Crooks, Dr. Ron King, Eric Griffin, and Marc Kramer. The theme for the evening was “Traction” and people told stories about both positive and negative traction. There was even a story about “kick in the teeth” traction!

As part of the prize package, Anthony Maher, CEO at Benjamin’s Desk and host for the evening, provided a free membership plan to Marc. If you missed the live event, you can find the videos on StartUp StorySlam’s YouTube page, roughly 48 hours after the event. The next event will be held on Thursday, January 7th at Benjamin’s Desk and the theme is “Decisive!”Tickets for January 7th can be ordered HERE.

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