StartUp StorySlam is storytelling for entrepreneurs! We believe sharing stories about the trials and tribulations of starting a company is a powerful experience. We want to hear about the big wins and the crushing failures, what was learned and and what was lost.


Starting and owning a business should be enough for anyone but Andy Meehan loves to hear and tell great stories. A career in the greeting card industry means Andy has only risked workplace injuries as serious as a paper cut – so it’s been time lately to take more chances … like telling a story even if it falls flat.. Having loved startups and the entrepreneurial life since before such things were fashionable, Andy believes it’s now time to gather a community of entrepreneurs, startup founders and lovers of the ‘side hustle’ to come together and share their stories.

Residing in Philadelphia, Andy and his wife Johnine love live music, dining out, podcasts and great use of the spoken word.

jimlancasterJim Breslin is the founder of the West Chester Story Slam, which debuted in 2010. Since the first event, over 550 stories have been told to live audiences in local bars. He has also founded Delco Story Slam (2013) and co-founded both Lancaster Story Slam and Lehigh Valley Story Slam in 2015. The live events are recorded, with stories being archived on YouTube and selected stories are featured on the monthly podcasts. In 2014, the anthology West Chester Story Slam: Selected Stories 2010-2014 was published. Jim is also the author of Shoplandia, a novel inspired by his 17 years as a producer at QVC, where he worked with serial entrepreneurs daily.

Jim lives in West Chester, PA with his wife and two sons.

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